Honestly speaking, I can’t believe how fast time really does fly when you’re older. As a child, you really don’t understand the concept of time and believe it to go as slow as humanly possible. As an adult, we tend to forget to take a moment to breathe and as such, we should do that as time definitely flies when you’re older.

I had my first final already and managed to do pretty well on it. The final? It was my Guidance Final and thanks for pulling in two interview reports, I managed to raise my grade to a B- in that class. Now, my other classes, I can definitely say that I definitely say that I need to pull my weight in order to pass.

The remaining classes are my Digital Media class, which I’m barely hanging on by a thread as the final I had taken on Monday May 22,2017, was only 11 questions, which basically was NOT A FREAKING FINAL, BUT A JOKE, and did not do well on due to it being only 11 questions, which to me isn’t that fair. My Professor for that class told me that if I turn in two video assignments, which are a newscast assignment and a Phobia assignments, I can manage to get by with a C. If I don’t do these video assignments, I will most likely receive a non passing grade, and that is not a good thing for my GPA at this point in time. I’m definitely attending tutoring right after my math final on Thursday morning and hoping to the Lord that tutoring can help me ace these assignments, which I already have half way done.

Now Intermediate Algebra is definitely the one class that I am worried about. If you’ve been a life long friend and reader of my blog, you’d know that in the past, I have talked about my struggles with math as it is definitely not my strongest subject in academics. Anyways, if you haven’t been reading or following my blog and tuning in for the first time, you now know that math is definitely not my strongest subject in academics.

In the beginning of the Spring 2017 semester, I did pretty well for Intermediate Algebra. I received my first C on the first math exam, but from there the grades declined and kept declining. Why? Lack of absences. I have noticed something about math, if I attend regularly, I do pretty well on the exams. If I don’t attend regularly, I do pretty bad on the exams. Since I haven’t been attending regularly due to illnesses and what not, I have flunked both the 2nd and 3rd test, which is jeopardizing my chances of passing this class.

A few weeks ago, I was and still am concerned about passing this class as it is my last math class that I need to take in order to get my associates in web development and discussed this problem with my professor. He told me two things, 1. Come to class and 2. Do the final. Chances are, he may pass me if I receive a 95% or higher on the final, which I am tirelessly hoping and praying to the good Lord that I receive after I take the final. Since I have 3 nights and 2 days to study, I am choosing to do 4 practice problems from each of the sections listed on the final exam notice we received in class, and hope that I do get a 95% or higher on that final.

With all that said and done with, please, if you pray, chant, or whatever you do please do that for me in hopes that I pass Intermediate Algebra the FIRST TIME AROUND. It would mean the WORLD to me. Thank you in advance, and I will let you know my grades soonish.

Grades so far received:
SQL -Database: C
Guidance 116: B-

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